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Grab Hire

Our grab hire service is available for clients all over Dublin, Kildare and beyond.

Site Clearance

At GMC Grab Hire Ltd, we offer a site clearance service. We deal with all types of clients, from private, to builders and landscapers. Our team will ensure that your site is fully cleared, ready for your next project. We can provide skips where required and will move all types of green waste. We can also remove various types of building waste; simply speak with a member of our team today.
Our grab hire service is ideal for those jobs that require heavy lifting. This is perfect for clearing sites, moving stone and much more. We can remove any green waste from your site where required, simply speak with a member of our team today.

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Wood Chipping

Wood chipping is the ideal way to get rid of waste on site. We can break down any timber waste and remove, or you can choose to keep it for mulch etc. As well as providing wood chipping services, we also sell quantities to domestic and private clients. Simply speak with a member of the team today.

Get a Quotation

To get a quotation on any of our grab hire services, simply get in touch with our team today. We are known for our fast delivery and affordable pricing.

How It Works

Our Grab Hire service is designed to make waste removal and material delivery a breeze for your construction and landscaping projects. With the efficiency of our grab lorries, you'll experience the equivalent of using 3 skips in terms of capacity, saving you time, space, and costs. Here's how our Grab Hire process works:


  • Booking: Contact us to discuss your project requirements and book our Grab Hire service. We'll gather essential details such as the type of materials you need transported or removed.

  • Arrival: Our skilled team and fully equipped grab lorry will arrive at your site at the scheduled time. We'll coordinate with you to ensure a smooth process.

  • Loading: Our grab lorry's hydraulic arm reaches over obstacles, efficiently loading waste or delivering materials directly onto the lorry. This eliminates the need for manual loading or positioning of skips.

  • Efficient Removal or Delivery: Once loaded, our grab lorry swiftly removes the waste or delivers the materials to the desired location on your site. This process is remarkably quicker compared to traditional skip methods

  • Completion: After the waste removal or material delivery is complete, our team ensures the site is left tidy and ready for your next project phase.

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